The Rails Machine Story.

We started one of the first Rails-focused managed operations companies in 2006. Since then we've worked alongside and helped to support hundreds of applications, teams, and their infrastructures. This process repeated hundreds of times has yielded a wealth of Operations experience, knowledge, and tooling that have proven invaluable for our customers and their teams. As a result, we are uniquely skilled to help you build, manage, and scale your application throughout its lifecycle. We offer our unique DevOps-as-a-Service model on a variety of platforms and hosting solutions, and hire and train talented DevOps personnel so you dont have to! Let our team become YOUR team!

How it Works


We take care of all your DevOps needs so you can focus on your business. Bring us on for consulting engagements or let us join as full-time members of your team!

Configuration Management
We'll use industry best practices and tools to build out a complete and version controlled configuration management solution for your infrastructure and essential services.
We have our own data centers or can build out your infrastructure in the cloud provider of your choice. We'll engineer your infrastructure specifically for your application to reduce costs and prepare for future growth!
Sit back while we build a deployment and CI/CD strategy suited to your team's needs, then deploy your application to your new or existing infrastructure. You can take over here, or we're happy to help with any issues going forward!
Monitoring & Alerting
We'll setup a comprehensive monitoring and alerting strategy to watch a variety of metrics we've come to trust over the years. If anything starts to look like a problem our team will spring into action to intervene on your behalf!
Ask Us Anything
You'll have access to our entire team via "Ask Us Anything" Support, chat, email, and ticket systems. Anything you'd ask of an internal DevOps team you can ask of us, and our helpful DevOps experts will assist straight away!
Consulting vs. Full-Time
Once in place we can transition responsibility to your team as a solid DevOps foundation for moving forward, or stay on as your Full Time DevOps Team! We'll work alongside your team each day to ensure your success and let your team focus!
Our Experts + Your Team

Stop Unnecessary Distractions

Hiring experienced team members of varying disciplines is expensive and impractical. (You don't often need a DBA, but when you do - you REALLY do) Having experts in many fields available for questions, assistance, and delegating infrastructure tasks saves you time and energy. Why distract your developers from building new features to learn or test new infrastructure when our experts are available to advise or build whatever you need NOW?

Let's Talk
Outsourcing to Experts

Why Outsource?

With the accessibility of modern cloud providers, why should you consider outsourcing over hiring internally or delegating amongst your existing team?


You can hire a U.S. Based team of experts for less than the cost of one Full Time Ops person. But Operations doesn't have to be a full time job if you skip the wasted time and get straight to what works. Outsourcing to the experts at Rails Machine provides a substantial ROI by saving you both time and money in research and implementation overhead.


Your business suffers if your developers are distracted with infrastructure maintenance, outages, keeping up with new technologies, and configuration management. Hiring experts to manage these tasks and assist your team with day to day operations allows your Devs to focus on adding new features and delegate time consuming infrastructure tasks to us!

Developer Happiness

Carrying a laptop at all times can be a stressful burden on your team over time. Operations and Support create extra work for your team both during and after business hours. Outsourcing Ops and 24x7 pager responsibilities to the team at Rails Machine allows your team to work hard and rest easy.



We've had the opportunity to work alongside and help out some incredible businesses over the years. Here's what some of our customers have to say.

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